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This chapter illustra tes safety of the LED Display Module to ensure the product’s storage, transport, installation and use safety. Safety instructions are applicable to all personnel who contact or use the product. First of all, pay attention to following points.


Storage And Transport Safety

  • Pay attention to dust and water prevention.
  • Do not place the product at a position near fire and heat.
  • Do not place the product in an area containing explosive materials and strong electromagnetic environment.
  • Place the product at a stable position to prevent damage or personal injury caused by dropping.
  • Save the packing box and materials which will come in handy if you ever have to store and ship the product. For maximum protection during storage and shipping, repack the product as it was originally packed at the factory.

n Installation And Use Safety

  • Only trained professionals may install the product.
  • Plugging and unplugging operations are prohibited when the power is on.
  • Ensure safe grounding of the product.
  • Always wear a wrist band and insulating gloves.
  • Do not place the product in an area having frequent or strong shake.
  • Perform dust removing regularly.
  • Contact HC Industry for maintenance at any time, rather than have the product disassembled and maintained by non-professionals without authorization.
  • Replace faulty parts only with the spare parts supplied by HC Industry.

n Overview

The Flexible Display Module Series Are 240mmx120mm / 256mmx128mm / 320mmx160mm; And The Point Spacing Includes:P1.25 / P1.29 / P1.56 / P1.579 / P1.66 / P1.875 / P1.88 / P2 / P2.5 / P2.58 / P3 / P3.076 / P4 .

n Features

  • The module standard size design is 320mmx160mm, low current, low heat, high contrast 5000:1, high brightness and high gray level, refresh ≥ 1920hz,

12-16bit gray level, and the image shows no delay and no dragging;

  • The minimum bendable diameter is up to 509mm, and the visual angle is up to 160 °. It is suitable for curved surface flexible display such as stage background, exhibition hall and indoor conference room, which helps to improve the environmental grade and create a special visual atmosphere;
  • The module is installed with strong magnetic adsorption, which can be slightly adjusted, and the flatness of the screen is good. Front maintenance design of power board, special scenarios, can realize front installation, and can meet front maintenance with specific tools;
  • PCB board adopts flexible board, and the mask/bottom shell adopts superior silica gel material;
  • The module is only 5.3mm thick, with ultra-thin design and small space occupation;

n Process Introduction

  • PCB board adopts Gold Sinking Process, S1000-2 base material, special circuit layout, multi-layer board process design, and high-level materials to greatly reduce the phenomenon of “color temperature”;
  • The whole series adopts high contrast black light. When the screen is black, the ink color and luminous angle of the whole screen are consistent. When playing HD video, the screen is fine and soft with good visual effect.
  • The bottom shell is made of top-grade silica gel raw materials, with good flexibility, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, electrostatic elimination and strong protection performance;
  • The PCB board is welded with copper column and adhesive backing to form a lockable base with the bottom shell, making the module more firm and reliable;
  • The single board is equipped with 18 strong magnetic magnets, with a single magnetic content of 2000GS, which greatly solves the problem of degumming and warping of ordinary modules, and effectively improves the flatness and use effect of the screen.




Pitchmm P1.29 P1.56 P1.66 P1.88
Pixel Type 1R1G1B( Full-Color)
Pixel Configuration SMD1010 SMD 1212 SMD1515
Module Sizemm) 320×160 x5.35(Length   x Height x Thi ckness)
Module Resolution (WxH) 248×124 204×102 192×96 170×85
Scans Mode 1/62 1/51 1/48 1/43
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥ 300 0–3840
Frame Rate (Hz) 50 &60
Gray LevelBit 12-1 6 Bits
Signal Interface Mode HU B75
Module Bottom Shell Material Silicone soft   bottom shell
Module Weight (Kg/Pcs) 0.334±0.05 0.325±0.05 0.318±0.05 0.315±0.05
IP Code IP 45
Installation Mode Support fr ont and rear in stallation & m aintenance
Brightness (Nits) 650800cd
Color Temperature (K) 3000—1000 0 Adjustable
Brightness Uniformity ≥9 7%
Deviation Of LED Luminance Center < 3%
Horizontal Viewing Angle (°) ≥1 60°
Vertical Viewing Angle (°) ≥1 40°
Contrast Ratio 50 00:1
Power Supply DCV 5V 5V 5V 5V
Maximum Current DCA 5A 5A 5A 4.5A
Max Power Consumption (W/Pcs) 25W 25W 25W 22.5W
Max Power Consumption (w/m2) 490 490 490 440
Avg Power Consumption (w/m2) 165 165 165 150
LifetimeHrs 100,000
Operation Temperature () -10 — 50
Storage Temperature () -20 — 60
Operation Humidity (RH) 20—85%(No Condensation)
Storage Humidity (RH) 20—80%(No Condensation)

n Parameters

Pitchmm P2 P2.5 P2.58 P3.076 P4
Pixel Type 1R1 G1B(Full-C olor)
Pixel Configuration SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD1515 SMD2121
Pixel DensityDot/m2 250000 160000 150156 105625 62500
Module Sizemm) 320 x160x5.35( Length x Hei ght x Thickne ss)
Module Resolution (WxH) 160×80 128×64 124×62 104×52 80×40
Scans Mode 1/40 1/32 1/31 1/26 1/20
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3000–


≥1 920
Frame Rate (Hz) 50&60
Gray LevelBit 12-16 Bits
Signal Interface Mode HUB75
Module Bottom Shell Material Silico ne soft botto m shell
Module Weight (Kg/Pcs) 0.315±0.05 0.269±0.05 0.260±0.05 0.252±0.05 0.230±0.05
IP Code IP45
Installation Mode Supp ort front and   rear installati on & mainte nance
Brightness (Nits) 650-800cd
Color Temperature (K) 3000 —10000 Adju stable
Brightness Uniformity ≥97%
Deviation Of LED Luminance Center <3%
Horizontal Viewing Angle (°) ≥160°
Vertical Viewing Angle (°) ≥140°
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Power Supply DCV 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V
Maximum Current DCA 4.5A 4.5A 4.5A 4.5A 4.5A
Max Power Consumption (W/Pcs) 22.5W 22.5W 22.5W 22.5W 22.5W
Max Power Consumption (w/m2) 440 440 440 440 440
Avg Power Consumption (w/m2) 150 150 150 150 150


LifetimeHrs 100,000
Operation Temperature () -10 — 50
Storage Temperature () -20 — 60
Operation Humidity (RH) 20—85%(No Condensation)
Storage Humidity (RH) 20—80%(No Condensation)

 Installation Diagram

  • Project 1

Soft Module        Cabinet          Install Project


  • Project 2

Attention Point

  • When installing or disassembling the module, it is strictly forbidden to tear the module violently, so as not to pull the copper column too hard and damage the PCB;
  • The minimum bending diameter of the soft module is within 509mm, It is strictly prohibited to fold the module repeatedly;
  • It is not recommended to use galvanized square pipe for installation, and the flatness of galvanized square pipe cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to use a sheet metal sandblasting iron box with good flatness and easy installation;
  • Static electricity protection: LED lamp beads and CMOS tubes are relatively sensitive to static electricity and are easy to be damaged by static electricity. During the installation or maintenance of the screen, operators should wear anti-static gloves or bracelets. When operating on the workbench, it is required that the workbench must be covered with thermal anti-static leather, and the workbench, soldering iron and other equipment must be grounded;
  • The main body and shell of the display should be well grounded. The grounding resistance is less than 3Ω, achieving the purpose of lightning protection, and effectively preventing accidental electric shock accidents. The installation environment should avoid strong electromagnetic equipment;
  • For the configuration and connection of the cable, please refer to the maximum power consumption in the actual use of the screen body, and follow the suggestions of professional electrical workers, and correctly connect to the power supply supply. Do not bring too much load. Loss of brightness. In severe cases, it will cause frequent cards and even burn the screen;
  • After the display screen installation is completed, be sure to use the multimeter to detect whether the 220V AC circuit and the 5V DC circuit each part of each part can be used to confirm that there is no abnormality and can be used to use it;
  • After the power on, if there is any abnormal phenomenon such as short circuit, tripping, wire burning, etc., it is not allowed to conduct power on test repeatedly, and the circuit problem should be checked in time;
  • After power on, if several lines of highlights are found on the LED display screen, the main power supply should be turned off in time, and check whether the module power line and flat line are in good contact (if the power supply is not turned off in time, IC damage may be caused); Ø Switching sequence of LED display screen: when the screen is turned on: turn on the computer first, and then turn on

the power supply of LED display screen;

When closing the screen: turn off the power supply of the LED display first, and then turn off the computer.

Incorrect switching sequence may cause damage to the LED lamp chip;

  • The LED display shall avoid being in power-off state for a long time. Long time power failure may cause adverse chemical changes in internal substances of electronic components (such as electrolyte) and affect the service life of components. Power on and light the screen for at least 2 hours every week;

n Disclaimer

Ø Any product failure or damage caused by non-compliance with the above relevant precautions or other human factors is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please keep the factory data and accessories properly. If you have any questions, please contact us.

n After-sales Service

Ø The after -sales service of the products described in this article is provided by the manufacturer. Product quality insurance period: one year, life -long maintenance, and providing free new software upgrades for life. If you have relevant needs, please contact us in time.

n Special Service

Ø The above specifications are our standardized products. We can customize the products according to your needs. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us!

n Package


Peso 300 g
Dimensões 30 × 30 × 6 cm


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